E2BN Adds MyConcern to their Portfolio as Part of a New Service that makes you Think of the Possibilities

E2BN Think IT is a new way for schools, colleges and universities to buy the latest educational software, learning content, hardware, mobile devices and network products and services as one complete solution. This fully managed service gives access to the new Anytime, Anywhere, Any-device solutions that teachers are using to transform the teaching and learning experience for staff and students, without the need for up-front capital costs.

The team at E2BN and WCL know that the service offers something new for schools, colleges and universities because it starts by focusing on the desired outcomes for students, staff, parents and governors. By taking a Change Management approach, they make sure the technology supports goals and objectives – whether that's supporting teaching by extending learning beyond the classroom; engaging staff, students and parents better; increasing attainment and improving behaviour; strengthening E-Safety, security and safeguarding; enhancing reporting and using data to drive improvement; or achieving efficiencies. Schools already using E2BN Think IT have reported seeing significant and rapid benefits for the whole school, including improvements in attainment, behaviour, attendance and student and staff morale. By giving parents their own personalised login to the service, they've seen increased involvement from parents who can check the learning and progress of their child, and engage in their children's learning in a new way that has real impact.

The service is ordered via an EU tendered procurement framework and is delivered by WCL, experts in Change Management for the education sector. Schools can design the solution to suit their needs by choosing from the simple pick-and-mix catalogue of service options. The team have also made budgeting simple: flexible payment terms avoid the need for large up-front capital investment costs, with pricing on a student-per-annum basis. Also by building on existing infrastructure and refurbishing existing devices schools can help make the most of past investments and save money by extending the working life of old hardware.

Chris Kastel, E2BN CEO said: We are very excited about this new service. Not only does it give schools and colleges access to the latest tools and technology, but also by focusing on the outcomes we can help teachers concentrate on what they do best – teach. We selected WCL as our partner to deliver the service because of their expertise in educational change management and their ability to help schools make the most of their IT investments.

WCL Director, Neil Watkins said: We are delighted to be working with E2BN to deliver E2BN Think IT. We have brought together a huge consortium of the best companies in the sector so that education providers can move quickly and buy with confidence. We believe our change management programme is what makes the difference, and means benefits such as efficiencies and savings can be realised sooner. It's really exciting because we've already seen it bring a massive positive impact across the board, from better classroom behaviour and improved attainment, to increased safety and greater involvement from parents.

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