MyConcern® is our simple to use, safe and secure software for recording and managing all safeguarding concerns.

The system enables all staff to record any safeguarding concern, safe in the knowledge that a proper record has been made and that their safeguarding lead has been automatically notified.  It also equips the designated safeguarding lead to assess each concern and manage any ongoing action as needed.

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Recording Concerns Made Easy

MyConcern is designed to make recording safeguarding concerns as easy as possible for members of staff so there is no lengthy form-filling and no paper.

The system can be accessed securely from any device and users do not require any training to submit concerns.

Once a concern is recorded the information is passed immediately to the safeguarding lead who will be notified by email and/or text of the concern so that any further action can be considered.

Managing Concerns

MyConcern will allow the safeguarding lead to track and monitor all concerns, allocate tasks, upload documents and maintain an accurate chronology of all activity linked to that concern.

The system is able to link concerns to pupil/student profiles so that all safeguarding information about a child is securely stored in one place making it far easier to identify risk and manage early interventions when they are needed.

MyConcern is able to export relevant information into case files for use in key meetings and case conferences.

Keeping Your Data
Safe and Secure

Making sure your sensitive data is kept safe is of critical importance to both you and us.

Our arrangements for information security not only comply with current EU regulations and standards but our system has been independently assessed by security industry experts.

We will work with you to ensure that the security measures in place to protect your data are of the highest standard.

MyConcern has been designed with role-based access in place which is strictly controlled by your safeguarding lead or systems administrator.

Information Sharing and
Learning the Lessons

MyConcern allows the safeguarding lead to easily and securely share information about safeguarding concerns with members of staff.

The system provides instant access to national guidance, best practice and local policies and there is also a facility to easily flag any issues as 'lessons learned' so that key learning can be identified and actioned.

MyConcern provides template safeguarding audits and reviews that can be easily accessed and the system is built to enable the sharing of information with other agencies.

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"MyConcern is very easy to use and the chronology really helps me to understand the big picture."

Teacher - Warrington, Cheshire
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